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KOPLAS 2017 Press-release




24th Korea International Plastics + Rubber Show, KOPLAS 2017


7th-11th March, 2017(5days)

KINTEX(Korea International Exhibition Center)Hall 4,5




Experience the Smart Factory in KOPLAS2017!

 From Environment Friendly Materials to super precision machinery, the national and international quality plastic machine comes up in one spot. KOPLAS 2017 will be supported by Ministry of Trade, Industry and energy, Small and Medium Business Administration, and Korea Federation of Plastic Industry Cooperatives, KOPLAS 2017(24th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show), "Experience the Smart  Factory" will be held on 7th to 11th of March for 5 days in Goyang, KINTEX exhibition center.

In 1981 was the first year, it will be the 24th welcome to KOPLAS 2017. In KOPLAS 2017 have 485 companies from 24 countries, and is a 10% growth compared to the last time, the largest ever to be held with 1,320 booths. KOPLAS, INTERMOLD KOREA, and HARFKO are held at the same time, as there will be 90,000 visitors and 3,000 people abroad, it will surely be the best show yet. Moreover, creates new markets, increase exports, and as a new domestics marketing industry is created, you will be able to witness and experience it first hand on that one spot.

 KOPLAS also offers a variety of attractions from raw material of plastics such as; molding, machinery, related ancillary equipment, automation solution, printing, packing & package, semi-finished goods, finished goods and "a marketplace for plastic and rubber industry" to show the present and future of its industry.

 The exhibition has been focused on the Asia KOPLAS because plastics are being used in various fields such as automotive, IT, and medical equipment industries flagship of S. Korea. It couples a comprehensive exhibition covering all facets of today셲 industry that helps to shape the way the industry will develop. It brings you the latest innovations and the most sophisticated plastics technologies. so that it demonstrates more diverse products and technologies for buyers and distributors.

 The following exhibitions; Company Il Kwang Polymer Co., Ltd, Kraiburg Rubber Co., Ltd, Doill Ecotec Co., Ltd and Gcc Co., Ltd. Will be held showcasing materials, company Woojin Plaimm Co., Ltd, Ls Mtron and Dongshin Hydraulics Co., Ltd. will showcase domestic molding machinery, company Arburg, Engel Machinery Korea Ltd, Sumitomo, Haitian, Cosmos, BOLE JSK UWA, Yizumi and PLM will showcase overseas of molding machinery, company Sm Platek Co., Ltd and Hando Machinery Co., Ltd will showcase extruder, company Bosung Industries, Shin Chang Precision Co., Ltd and Autox Co., Ltd will showcase related Rubber, company Hanyoung Nux Co., Ltd, Dae Han Electric Co., Ltd, Yuil System Co., Ltd, Han Kook System Co., Ltd, Hnp Interpla Inc, Neu Tech Co., Ltd, Yushin and Hanse will showcase rationalization machinery in KOPLAS 2017.


 In March, KOPLAS exhibition goes to Russia (34 companies), Turkey (16 companies) and match making program for 8th-9th (2days), it is advanced to the business of domestic companies. In addition, it is operating free interpreter services for the foreign buyers, support and communications. As well, 쏧ndustry 4.0, 3D Printing and 쐃co-friendly materials and professional skill set is planning a technical seminar with topics which provides the opportunity to experience the latest trends in the industry.


 To get full information of KOPLAS; list of exhibitors, seminars, floor plan, transportation, choice of accommodation, event as well as other practical information are available at KOPLAS website and do pre-registration to save time and get a free entry.


( Contact:

Korea E & EX Inc. (KOPLAS 2017 Secretariat)

Rm. 2001, WTC, 511, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06164

Tel: +82-2-551-0102 Fax: +82-2-551-0103

Contact: Mr. Daniel Han / Ms. Jennifer Cho



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