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Doil Ecotec exhibits biodegradable polymer
2019-02-11 Views: 232

Doil Ecotec will attends 25 Korea International Plastics & Rubber show (KOPLAS 2019) which will be held at the 1st KINTEX exhibition hall in Goyang City from March 12(Tue) to 16(Sat) and exhibits biodegradable plastics compound..

Founded in 1990, Doil Ecotec is a leading company in plastic compound industry. They already recognized over the world and especially in bioplastic polymers which are biobased and biodegradable.

In KOPLAS, they will lauch Togreen® which is a brand of biodegradable polymer. Togreen® can be used for various products made out extrusion, blown-film, injection and blow molding.

Because it has outstanding physical properties, so it can subsitute conventional plastics. And also you can use it conventional plastic machines without any additional facilities.