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[TFC Co.Ltd] Chemical (Azodicarbonamide) Blowing Agent Manufacturer for PE, PO, IXPE, IXPP Foam Products
2020-08-12 Views: 423


TFC (www. technofine.kr, Since 2003) presents its finest blowing agent technology for PE, PO, IXPE, IXPP at KIMES 2019 in Seoul, Korea on March 14-17, 2019.

: TFC AZP1400E is Specially Designed Chemical Blowing Agent for Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foams which brings fine & uniform cell structure and smoother skin in all LDPE grades. TFC-AZP2400P for Irradiated Cross-Linked Polypropylene foam for Headliner, Door Trim, Pillar, and Instrumental Panel of Automotive Interior is excellent choice to control the PP foaming process.   

TFC Product range includes:

  • Chemical blowing agents (powder)
  • Masterbatch
  • Catalysts for chemical blowing agents


Advantages of TFC products are:

  • Decrease of weight and density of the final product which is beneficial for transportation, handling and installation
  • Increase of output volume of production per unit of polymer which is positive both from the economical point of view and for environment protection
  • Elimination of shrinkage of the product
  • Make material more stable under the exposure of high temperatures during the processing stage
  • Reduction of unit price
  • Dosage of blowing agent is between 0,05-20% of the polymer weight

Application of TFC blowing agents:

  • Facing wall materials (sheets, panels)
  • PVC profiles
  • Foamed mats, heat-insulation
  • PVC compound for shoe sole
  • Three-layer non-pressure foamed pipes
  • PVC plastisol for foamed wallpapers


Established in 2003, TFC (www.technofine.kr) produces all types of chemical blowing agents ADAC, TSH, OBSH, PTSS, DPT for PVC, EVA, PE, PP, PS, ABS and Rubber (EPDM, NBR, CR, SBR, NB) including many countertypes for global ADC majors. TFC is the only company that has its production facilities in Korea, producing over 3,000 tons per year.