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Moldex3D Exhibits the Most Innovative Plastic Injection Molding Simulation Technology in KOPLAS 2021
2020-12-02 Views: 218

Moldex3D by CoreTech System Co., Ltd. will showcase comprehensive 3D CAE analysis software for plastic molding process. Since 1995, CoreTech System has committed to extend the worldwide sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional service. Now, our branch offices have been present in 12 countries, with more than 180 channel partners in more than 70 countries, include Korea, and serves thousand users from various industries.


Unlike traditional physical testing, Moldex3D helps manufacturers make a smart transition to virtual prototyping, which can save time and cost to increase profits and quality. With the unique 3D numerical technology, Moldex3D is able to simulate the widest application range of plastic injection molding processes and empower designers to efficiently validate designs by performing comprehensive injection molding analyses, including filling, packing, cooling and warpage. The realistic simulation results can provide in-depth product knowledge and accurately pinpoint potential design problems.



In KOPLAS 2021, Moldex3D will showcase Moldex3D 2020, which includes the technology to facilitate smart manufacturing for reaching Industry 4.0. Various detailed considerations of molding process are included to greatly enhance the accuracy of injection molding analysis result and make simulation closer to reality. Big data platform, called Moldex3D iSLM, which is a developing service to fulfill the demand of a set of systematic management tools in smart manufacturing will be introduced as well.




Visit Moldex3D booth in KOPLAS 2021, meet our experts to know more about Moldex3D 2020, iSLM, and get the best solution for your manufacturing problem! You can also visit our website to get overview of Moldex3D abilities: https://www.moldex3d.com/en/