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MISUNG POLYMER INC. - Chopped Fiber for Reinforcement
2021-07-06 Views: 1165




Misung Polymer Inc. (Rep. Byoung Soo, Youn) participates in 2021 Korea Materials & Composite Show (K-Mtech) from August 25th~28th, 2021,

shows various reinforced chopped fibers for industrial rubber products, engineering plastic products and ultra-high performance concrete.


Misung Polymer Inc. is specialized in the fiber surface treatment and precision cutting.

The company coat various resin on the fiber surface with the heat treatment,

and chop the fibers precisely between 1~999mm by 0.1mm unit, so as to provide proper solution for the client’s requirement.



Various organic/inorganic fibers

Various thermoplastic/thermoset resin

Aramid / Carbon-fiber / Glass-fiber / PVA / PET / PP / Lyocell / steel-fiber or etc.

RFL, EPOXY, PU, PET, PH, ACRYL, Silane or etc.


With the experience and know-how for 22 years, Misung Polymer Inc. will provide the customizable chopped fiber

(fiber/resin/length/shape and any others), and they upgrade your products to be higher quality and more competitive.