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회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Address (34054)1646, Yuseong-daero, Science Park 310, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34054, Rep. of KOREA 
Tel 82-82-042-347-5735 Fax 82-82-042-347-5736
Site www.mkepolymer.com
Booth No. P308

"Rheology is the study of deformation and flow of matter." ……………… Bingham, 1920
"Processing is defined as the 'engineering activity concerned with operations carried out on materials or systems to
increase their utility'." ...............……Bernhardt and McKelvy, 1956

The product of MKE is not just a device, but a solution for better products and shorter time to market, which are key success factors of new developed materials and final products.

“ Fast and reliable measurement of material properties,
Finding new test methods for quality control,
Easy report generation for fast decision,
Close relationship with our valuable customers”

- Best Solution, Best Partner! ………… These are business strategies of MKE.

[MKE Product]

I. Hardware : Device for Polymer Processing R&D (plastics and rubbers)

1. Torque Rheometer System
A. Command Station ; RheoComp(R) Harmony(Basic type), Concerto-Nano(Advanced type)
B. Module: Batch Internal Mixer (BIM-150, 350)
Single Screw Extruder Modules (SSE19 for Plastics / SSRE19 for Rubber)
Co-rotating twin extruder (co-TSE19), counter rotating twin (ctr-TSE)
Powder Mixer,
C. Dies: strand die, capillary die, slit die, T-die(W50, W80, W140, W250), blown film die, Garvey die

2. Lab-scale Film Casting Line, Blown Film Line
3. Lab-scale Rubber Extrusion Evaluation System (Capillary die, Slit die, Garvey die)
4. MiniCompounder (Lab-scale compounding R&D)
5. Peripheral devices
- Side feeding unit
- Volumetric feeder
- Pelletizing system (small size pelletizer with Smart water bath)
6. Rheology measuring equipments
- Screw Rheometer (Shear viscosity for plastics & rubber)
- Melt Strength measuring equipment (MS ELVis)
- Elongational Visocosity measuring equipment (EL-Vis)
- Rheometer System (Stress type capillary rheometer, Strain type capillary rheometer )

II. Technology Service : P-TEC (Project/ Testing/ Ecudation/ Consulting)
- Total Technological Solution for Polymer Processing R&D
- Bring our customers 'TRY' (Time to market/ Rate-up/ Yield-up)
- PROJECT ; R&D Project for individual company, Compounding screening, Defining cause & effect, Technology transfer
- TEST : Testing Rheological Property - Shear viscosity, Elongational viscosity, Melt Strength/
/ Dynamic Friction Coeff./ Polymer Melt Density/ Bulk Density/ p-V-T
- EDUCATION : User Workshop, Extrusion Expert Training, Blending & Compounding Study, etc.
- CONSULTING : Itemized Seminar, On-site Seminar, Technical Consulting, Process Debugging